Review: Luka Megurine Tony ver. by Max Factory

Review: Luka Megurine Tony ver. by Max Factory


This was a figure I was looking forward to for a long time, my favorite Vocaloid from my favorite manufacturer, and from an artist whose style I like. Max Factory has done a figma version of Luka and you can see my review of her here. But this is different, a 1/7 scale statue vs a 1/12 scale action figure. Does she live up to the expectation though?


For background information on Luka’s character, please reference the figma post here.

First shown off as a sketch in a magazine right before Summer 2011 Wonfes (I wishlisted her here), she’s never failed to disappoint with each iteration and even when she was released, they threw in a few surprises, which I’ll go over in a bit. But you can see she is a dynamic figure with plenty of detail even though her scale is on the larger side.



The first thing to grab the eye is that flowing pink hair. Lately Max Factory and GoodSmile Company have been using lots of clear plastics for things like hair and clothes and it works nicely in Luka’s case with a nice gradient from barely clear pink at the top of the head to nearly clear bits at the tips. I’m a big fan of that and love shining lights through translucent bits in my photos. The hair has plenty of motion to go along with Luka’s sexy and dynamic pose



The pink color is just right and definitely worlds better than the iffy purpley-pink in the figma. I can’t explain why but it looks like actual hair and not tentacle-ey bits that you sometimes see on other figures. You can also see here that they’ve done a good job on the back of her dress with the folds and in typical Max Factory style, awesome paint shading as well.



Oh Tony Taka, no top can be that crazy tight but hey, I’m not going to complain. Chieri, the sculptor, has done an amazing job with the detail in the wrinkles. And Max Factory needs to be commended on their absolutely flawless paint application. Look at that gold trim! And the belt buckle and pattern!



They didn’t skimp out on her face either, it’s a great rendition of Tony Taka’s art style except for the blush. Kinda wish she had it, but the face is still pretty solid. Also, painted fingernails! We’re seeing it in more and more figures these days and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s a slight natural pink and they even used glossy paint on it. Of course, perfect paint application as well.



Now the little surprise I mentioned earlier? Luka’s cast off! Kinda. You can take off her skirt by ripping her in half (gory) and the skirt just comes off. No seam lines, no compromises for the gimmick. They didn’t skimp on the sculpting here and even gave her quite a nice bum.



They did a great job with her sheer stockings and her sheer under-top thing. The shading is more pronounced, definitely giving more of that sheer look. Another of Luka’s trademark costume elements is her golden boots. I’ve heard them being likened to wrestling boots and.. yeah, they do look like them. I’d like to see Luka in something a bit more sexy like high heels or something but I guess those would be hard to dance around in. Another costume! The bows are cool, although whenever I pick her up, I always find I’m nearly ripping them off. The paint application on the laces in the boot isn’t as precise as some of the other parts of the figure but since the boots aren’t really my favorite part in the first place, it’s not a big deal to me.


While she may not have a super elaborate costume or gigantic weapons, Tony Taka’s Luka is a superbly executed figure. At a healthy 1/7 scale, she has all the details you’d normally see in a great 1/8 and top-notch quality control. She’s one of my favorite figures but part of that might be due to me being a big Luka fan. One who has been waiting and waiting for a quality Luka figure and Max Factory has delivered in spades. I’ll be a little greedy and hope that this one does well enough for figure companies to make more Luka figures.

If you want to see another review check out:
Tomopop’s review written by Chag of HobbyHovel

By request, I did a setup shot for the first picture ;). Shot in our shower, Luka’s sitting on a stool at the shower’s entrance and I stood in the back of the shower holding a black sheet of metal (taken from the side of Zai’s computer tower) with the water going between me and the figure. Zai triggered the shutter while I fired off the flash manually (trying really hard not to get the flash wet). The blue glare you can see on the stool’s legs is an iPad propped up on the floor running a flashlight app providing lighting for the front/side and a long exposure.


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  1. Chag

    Woop woop, thanks for the shout-out!

    Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since the figma Luka review. Just look at how much better you’ve become at photography — encouraging, ain’t it? Really liking the water idea, by the way. At first I thought it was just playing off of her pose, but the bokeh’d water droplets in the first photo are dazzling — they reminds me of on-stage pyrotechnics at a fancy concert — nice job!.

    Looking at these photos is making me want those 40$ flashes even more, but I have a feeling that I’d go off the deep end. At first I’d want tripods to hold up the flashes, then soft boxes, and those little things that sync multiple flashes together… Yay for things I don’t need but would buy anyway!

    By the way, RIP=RELEASE is one of your favourite songs? You are a gentleman of the finest tastes — I still have that song on my playlist.

    • Luth

      I was looking at that review and groaning at how bad they were. Well, they could have been saved a bit more with some better post-processing I suppose, haha. Thanks though!

      Yeah, I really liked the water droplets. I had shot the ones with the water streams months ago and now that I have a better lens with proper bokeh and a shower with a bit of space to set up camera stuff, I just wanted to abuse that to the max. You should try the flashes out! I’m just using an old camera tripod or just setting the flashes up on chairs and stuff. Or you can buy bungees to tie them to poles and ladders and stuff. Soft boxes are either cereal boxes with tissue or a milk jug with a hole cut for the flash head. Sync is a 2 second exposure and me pressing the flash button manually. Or there’s a ton of other ways.

      YUP! Well, there’s been a lot of good Luka songs in that 2 years but RIP=RELEASE is still up there.

    • Luth

      Shower = cheap water sparkles! I suppose you could also make do with a hose outside or even the sink with a detachable head thingy or a watering can. The picture with the really bright white background had the actual tiles in the back but the first one you can’t see the shower at all, it’s just the side panel of Zai’s computer (and a long lens so you can’t see outside of the panel).

  2. Wieselhead

    Woah! that looks totally awesome, theses pictures are great.
    The figure seems to be a lot nicer than I actually imagined, the lighting compliments her in a very good way.
    I liked her outfit and the design since her first promo pics, brown and gold is a good combination, that underlines her little more adult image very well.
    Mhh I haven’t noticed her sexy butt so far XD That looks nearly to good to be true, what a nice figure from Max Factory.

    nice review
    As I’ve read hamstercorp’s comment at first I thought your shower was black ^^
    How did you actually manage to trigger the flash manually matching the exposure time of the camera?
    I started to use wireless flash triggers lately

    • Luth

      Thanks! Max Factory have been pretty solid these days, good to see!

      Oh no, haha. The camera exposure was about 2 seconds, giving me plenty of time to hit the flash. I guess that meant we also had to be in the bathroom with the door closed in the dark, kinda creepy, lol. I’d like to get wireless flash triggers someday, they’d be a lot more convenient!

    • Wieselhead

      Ah I see, hmm long time exposure is something I never really tried.
      It’s quite convenient, but I really would suggest a second set of rechargeable batteries, t
      ransponder and receiver can be empty earlier that expected :D

  3. Miette-chan

    Wait what, that’s water, you got nice pretty bokeh from a a stream of whatever while manually releasing a flash? Ehhh… don’t get to industrious, makes me want to get industrious myself and that takes time and effort you know. The pictures fit Luka really nice, I get a music video or live show kinda vibe which is perfect for a Vocaloid figure.

  4. Luth

    Yeah, we got a new lens a couple months ago and the bokeh on it is much nicer! It didn’t actually take much time to set up and shoot, maybe an hour in total? Although I suppose it was the third iteration of the idea, the first time I spent all night pouring water from cups into a bucket and trying to shoot flashes through them (those are the pics with the streams of water). I guess that saying is true: Simple = better.

  5. G.K. Sil Kamina

    Ah, bummer. I saw this particular Luka at the local anime shop (well…local as in “hour and a half drive”) and passed on it, but your pictures are really making me regret that decision. Not helping is that Chieri is easily one of my favorite sculptors. Chieri, to me, is a master at sculpting hair and clothing folds. The hair’s always so good. ALWAYS!

    Pretty clever, making use of your shower like that. I couldn’t pull off such tricks. First of all, my camera’s not powerful enough to capture water droplets like that. Secondly, ideas like that just never come to mind. Brownie points for you!

  6. jdGONEMAD

    great review. nice figure. and the photos are greatly taken.
    can you recommend me a good 8.5″ (1/8 scale) female poseable figure. the ones like figma but with 1/8 scale.

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