Review: Hatsune Miku Love is War ver. by Good Smile Company

Review: Hatsune Miku Love is War ver. by Good Smile Company

Back in August of 2010 we did a Most Wanted Figures post and at the very top of my list was the figure I’m reviewing today. It almost goes without saying that my expectations were quite high since I’d been lusting after this Miku for so long. Well, it’s a little difficult to be disappointed when a figure comes out looking this good.. I wouldn’t go as far as saying she’s flawless though!

Hatsune Miku Love is War figure

Hatsune Miku is a popular singing synthesizer created by Crypton Future Media known as a Vocaloid. Her character has spawned much merchandise, perhaps even to the point of some people getting a bit sick of seeing her everywhere. She still sells very well though and Good Smile Company are more than happy to feed us fans more Miku in her seemingly limitless forms.

This Good Smile Company figure is based off this Shirow Miwa illustration taken from the above song, Love is War (恋は戦争/Koi wa Sensou) by Supercell. Miku herself is at a 1/8 scale although the base and crazy twintails make the figure pretty damn big; she currently has a shelf to herself in our display. There was actually an even larger DX variant available from the GSC shop if you fancied your figure bases with large megaphones attached for a whole lot more money. The one I’m reviewing was a standard release which retailed for 8,381 yen although we purchased her for 6,520 with AmiAmi’s discount. Love is War Miku was sculpted by Ishinaga Sakurako who has also sculpted other popular GSC Miku figures such as the World is Mine and Racing 2010 versions.

Miku Love is War

The figure herself is incredibly detailed – much more so than the illustration she’s based off. I was a bit worried I’d snap something off with all the bits and pieces Miku has coming off her but she’s sturdier than she looks.. much more so than GSC’s Black Rock Shooter Animation version which also required a good deal of assembly.

Hatsune Miku Love is War by Good Smile Company

You might have already noticed that I’ve neglected to attach the gate to the fence in most of my photos but that’s due to my failure to notice it while taking the photos! Miku comes with a set of instructions on how to put her together and it’s fairly straight forward for the most part.. except when you get to her twintails. Goddamn, those suckers are a task and a half to get into her head!

Hatsune Miku up close

I managed to get those twintails in almost all of the way after 30 minutes of pushing and basically drilling them into her skull so it is doable.. you just need a lot of patience. Just make sure you don’t push down hard on any part of her that feels like it could possibly break, I placed my thumb on the side of her head where her headphones sit and managed to not snap anything off.

Love is War Miku figure

I’ve generally found that GSC tend to be good when it comes to the fine details on their figures and this one is no exception. The detailing on Miku’s detached sleeves (Thanks Ashlotte for providing me with the word for these, haha) is crisp as is her trademark 01 on her upper arm. The paintwork overall is gorgeous and it’d be hard to fault it even if you tried.. unless you’re not into glossy GSC stockings, of course!

Love is War Hatsune Miku figure from the side

Miku’s sculpt is also stunning with all the tiny little folds sculpted into her top and the pleats of her skirt ruffling in the wind. GSC sculptors capture motion well in their more dynamically posed figures and this Miku is a fantastic example of that.

Good Smile Hatsune Miku

Her face looks true to the source image but I would have liked for her to look just a tiny bit more angry while shouting out her declaration of war. It’s not anything I’d hold agaisnt the figure though, just a personal preference!

Love is War Miku hair

Miku’s hair is like a masterpiece in itself and I think she might have the most finely sculpted hair of any figure currently in our collection, rivaling even GSC’s Tohsaka Rin. It’s been lightly shaded to give it a little more depth although natural shadows do most of the work.

Hatsune Miku figure from the side

One thing I’m not too keen on is the pink wire that you have to attach and adjust around the figure yourself. I found it a little hard to work with and couldn’t end up getting to look anywhere as nice as it did in the promo shots. I ended up passing it on to Luth to do and he did a bit better than I did.. but it still looks a slight bit dodgy, haha. Using something round like a tube to help coil it makes the task much easier.

Hatsune Miku figure without megaphone

Her megaphone is detachable and slides in and out of her hand pretty easily. It did, however, transfer paint onto our Miku’s hand almost straight away. Ah well, she looks a bit funny without holding anything when her hand is cocked up like that anyway.

Hatsune Miku figure from back

Hatsune Miku's PANTIES

No shimapan here but if you still want a panty shot just look at her from the back. Miku seems to have a thing about wearing underwear that’s several sizes too small for her.. my Lat ver. Miku has the same problem. Poor thing.

Miku without twintails

Miku looks a bit like a boy without her twintails. Not a bad look but the figure lacks some of it’s oomf without them attached.

Hatsune Miku love is war base

The figure’s base has been well crafted and features a good deal of texturing over it. It’s hollow and made from light plastic so it doesn’t have a lot of weight to it.

Hatsune Miku love is war disassembled

Hatsune Miku love is war box

Love is War Miku’s box is as large as you’d imagine it to be. I’ve placed a 1/12 scale Figma next to it for comparison, say hi to Hotori!

I’m rarely disappointed in the GSC figures we have bought and as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I’m certainly not going to start with this one! She’s come out as lovely as I imagined she would and if you’re a fan of this Miku design then I’d recommend this figure to you in a heartbeat. As of writing, she’s still in stock at AmiAmi and Hobby Search if you’re interested in picking her up for yourself.

I’ll finish up with some left over photos of her, thank you for reading my review!

Hatsune Miku laying down

I dunno

Miku choking on a leek


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  1. Ashlotte

    I like that one shot at the end. Still looking for someone to photograph her in a way that duplicates the bold colors of the original illustration haha…

    Do agree with the lack of angry though. Considering the lyrics and how many awesome fanarts plus the animated PV I’ve become more accustomed to thinking of LiW Miku as a very pissed off lady. :p

    • Zai

      The leek one or the one where she has greener hair?
      I agree, that’d be pretty awesome.. I’d like to see that too. I’m surprised you’re not getting her though, she’s pretty damn nice!

      Yeah, it looks like she’s yelling but not really screaming and letting it all out into her megaphone like how I imagine her to be. I still feel like I want to give her a big hug though, haha.

    • Ashlotte

      The green one. ^_^

      Haha I had thought about it but the aforementioned lack of anger kinda put me off…Probably for the best as I’m completely shifting what I want to collect now and she wouldn’t fit in haha…

      Yea she certainly shows more emotion then most figures I’ll give em that, but I guess you can’t help but want more~

      Oh also Miku’s arm things are usually just referred to as “Detached Sleeves”. ^_^

    • Zai

      Ah, that one is from a failed shoot.. I salvaged that one by throwing a crapload of filters over it but they were all mostly unusable. D:

      I can relate to her not fitting in, I can’t think of a single figure I have that would look good next to her so she can stay displayed by herself for the moment.

      Detached sleeves, thanks! I’ll go update my post. I was about to settle for ‘arm warmers’, haha.

  2. Wieselhead

    Hey hey nice pictures of her, she looks great ;)

    I was a bit surprised that her face expression turned out friendlier than I expected. I haven’t followed this figure progress that closely to be honest, so Im not sure if they changed that in the later progress.
    On the box picture she appeared a bit scarier, but nevertheless I like it in that friendlier way.

    She looks very pretty with her dynamically sculpted clothes and the wild twintails, they look so detailed ^-^

    The base looks great, I luv the way it is painted, a some kind of used metal look. The big base figure was also very appealing, but just too huge to fit in a smaller room, and the shipping costs were also horrible :p

    I dunno why Miku is always wearing so badly fitting underwear, on this figure its quite extreme, wearing no pantsu would make no big difference here XD

    I like the three pictures 05,06 and 22 the most, very nice.

    • Zai

      I can’t really remember what her face looked like up close early on but I didn’t notice a change. Hehe, it’s strange for me to think of Love Is War Miku as friendly but I think it’d be interesting to see something like that. I’m not sure if I’d like this figure if it didn’t follow the original illustration well though, especially since I’m a fan of the song.

      The detail is incredible, I was surprised by it! GSC really keep raising the bar.

      Yeah lol, we were going to get the larger one but I’m really glad we didn’t now.. it would have been hard to find room for it! And I don’t even want to think about what shipping would have been. xD

      No pants would have been interesting, LOL.

      Thanks a lot Fab, I’m glad you like my photos! You can probably see from my box shot that I was using my TV screen as a background, hehe.

  3. Dinara

    I am not a fan of Miku but I have to say this figure is pretty cool. It is a very bold figure that screams “this is a statement” The flow is great with it and it is all very well made. But it is Good Smile so of course it is well made. :)

    I am also surprised about the song… I have to admit watching that video was the first time I ever listened to a Miku Hastune Song… I cannot say I expected her to sound so… childish.

    Anyways every though you and Fabien dislike it… maybe dislike isn’t the right word. But I really like her “not fitting at all” pantsu. It’s not something I would expect, but apparently it’s normal for Miku?

    I would like to point out I love all your shots as well. Your second last one is my favorite.

    • Zai

      Mmm! Good Smile have been so good to me lately with some great Miku figures. This one and Lat Miku are two of my favourites figures. :D

      Wow, first time! This song was actually one of the first songs of Miku’s that I actually enjoyed.. it took awhile for her voice to grow on me.

      Haha, her ill fitting panties don’t bother me too much but I wish they were shimapan. I don’t know if her love is war design actually features these but I want them anyway!

      Thank you so much, she was a delight to take photos of!

  4. Chag

    Whoaaaaa, those tightie-whities are hanging on for dear life! I was NOT expecting that — what a pleasant surprise!

    To be honest, I had no idea this figure had come out already. She’s been around for so long that she’s become something that’s permanently fixed to the future. But man, she sure looks nice, doesn’t she? I remember going on and on about the shrunken display base while the figure was still undergoing changes, but the figure standing on the base really is striking. She looks as every bit as angry as she should look, and that hair sculpt really gives her a kinetic feel. The original illustration was a tough piece of source material, but GSC pulled it off quite well. Btw, good job on those wires — that must’ve been an absolute pain to bend them by hand!!

    Also, you got the figma Hotori? Awww yeah, and here I thought I was the only one in the world who gave a damn about that show. Such a nice little show.

    • Zai

      I wonder if they’d cut off her circulation digging into her like that? Perhaps poor Miku walks around with numb legs all day.

      I think her unpainted sculpt was floating around even before I got into collecting heavily although it could be the GK I’m thinking of. I have to admit that it’s a little odd to finally have her in my possession! I keep looking at it and thinking wow, I actually own her now!
      Oh god, that wire. It was such a pain in the arse to get it to go through her fingers like that!

      Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru was such a fun show, we had to have Hotori! Luth was going to review her but I can’t promise he’ll ever get around to it, lol.

    • Chag

      Numb legs, eh? Come to think of it, she IS teetering dangerously beyond the railing… I guess lesson here is to always buy underwear that fits, or else you just might DIE.

  5. hamstercorp

    The leek picture is the best picture. Though you should have tried to get another in her hand.

    I wonder how many people gave up on this figure for taking so long to come out. Nice to see it’s not a let-down, though.

  6. exilehero

    Great photos! I like the colors and I think the bright white background fits her nicely. I love the one with the leek. It has this “shut up already!” feeling about it.

    My first thought when seeing the figure up close was, “Ah, that red cord is gonna snap off, so will the twin tails!” Oh so you’re supposed to coil that cord yourself? Ah that sounds better, I thought it was made of hard plastic for some reason.

    I’m always a little weary of forcing rods into tight holes when it comes to figures. I’ve yet to break anything but that doesn’t make me any less nervous about it. Oh actually I did break some palm trees that came with my T-Rex.

    Wait wait, no shimapan?! What is this blasphemy!? Though the tiny panties look very good on her haha.

    • Zai

      Thank yooou! I tried her agaisnt black at first but I’m glad I settled with the white.

      Yeah, even though it’s a huge pain in the arse to get the twintails in I’m still glad they came detached unlike GSC’s BRS animation. Pretty sure a lot would have snapped during shipping otherwise!

      Hahaha yeah. When things get a little too tight I hand them off to Luth so if something breaks then it’s not my fault. That and I’m generally more clumsy than him. :D

      What’s it with no one wanting to give poor Miku some shimapan? Out of all the Miku figures I own, only 1 is wearing it, pft!

  7. Miette-chan

    Ah assembling scaled figures will one day be the death of me, scares the hell of out me. The only thing that scares me more is to disassemble said scaled figures.

    Miku sure looks great, if I was a Miku fan I would have gotten it in a heart beat but one scaled Miku is enough for me.

    I’m glad to see that you are happy with Miku, good to see that she came out alright given how long GSC took from reveal to release. One thing I always liked about Miku is that she has all these nice details that translate nicely to figures.

    I think what I like the best is Miku’s face, I like the atypical more serious Miku expressions.

    • Zai

      Me too, sometimes I even get a bit nervous attaching a figure to the base. Pretty pathetic, I know! I’ve managed to avoid breaking anything so far though.

      Thank you! Thankfully I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to figures, haha. Miku’s character design certainly does lead too some really creative looking figures of her.

      I like seeing Miku happy but it’s a nice change, I agree. :D

  8. Angela

    It’s really cool seeing this figure in different angles. It certainly has a lot of motion packed into it.
    Although the tiny pantsu made me lololol, it doesn’t look out of place at all. XDXD

  9. BioToxic

    I’ve seen a lot of pictures of this Love is War Miku, but never sat still long enough to read a review – until today. The assembly sounds as though it’s rather tedious and nerve wracking. Having to put those gravity defying twintails in place particularly looks difficult.

    Once she’s fully assembled though she looks great. The detailing on her shirt looks top notch, I really like all the creases and the flow. Her hair looks epic as well, on par with GSC Rin Tohsaka and it’s dynamic appearance. Her pose is really lively and interesting to look at too. Which is also helped by her base, it’s like a mini-scene as opposed to a base. She’s so into the megaphone shouting that it hasn’t quite yet registered her pants are trying to make an escape.

    It’s a shame I’m not interested in Miku. If I was I’m sure I’d really like this figure, GSC have done a great job. I like the background you picked to photograph her on, looks like a storm and gives the impression Miku is atop a high tower.

    • Zai

      Ah, then thank you for taking the time to read my review! :D
      It’s probably not as tedious as I’m making it out to be.. GSC’s BRS animation version was much, much worse than this one. I think this one is more annoying than anything else.

      Mmm, that hair of hers really makes the figure. GSC are pulling off some amazing things lately when it comes to hair.

      Thanks! It took me awhile to find something suitable for her background. I’m glad you like it, I thought it might have looked a little bit too bland.

  10. Rukawas

    Nice review!
    i would love to get the DX version, but her price is too much, plus she is big which does not help for the shipping…
    I’m thinking of getting this one instead when my funds will give me the opportunity :)
    Anyway i love it pretty much ;D

    • Zai

      Yeah, we skipped the DX version too because of the price and the sheer amount of space she’d take up. I’m so glad they offered this version though, she’s perfect for what I wanted! I hope you manage to get her in the future, she’s a really impressive piece of work.

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