Giveaway Results: Figma 078 Aya Kagura

Figma Aya with violin

After a week of entries, we have decided on who will be Aya’s new owner! I’m being really careful not to call this a ‘contest’ because there wasn’t really any criteria we judged on and well, the prize isn’t the greatest thing in the world, it’s a defective figma (although a very cute one with awesome accessories).

There were a lot of great entries, more than once we were regretting that we only had 1 figma to give away, but in the end it was a unanimous decision on who won…

YamiUsagi! Who sent an email entry, takes fantastic photos of figmas and and we feel that she would do a great job sharing Aya with everyone else. She mentioned in her entry that all the cats would get named, I can’t wait to see what their names are and the different hijinks they all get into through her photos!

Thanks to everyone that entered, it was fun for us to be able to receive all you guys’ entries all week long. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do this again!


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  1. dashaman

    ooohhh noes!!!!! =(

    lol. i bet you guys had a hard time choosing. and the one who was chosen deserves this figma. =D more power to you guys.

    P.S. are you giving away another figma for christmas? lol

    • Zai

      Mmm! It was so hard, we could tell how much most people wanted her! It’s really thanks to AmiAmi that we had a spare one to give away in the first place though! ^^

      We have no other spare Figma to give away at the moment but who knows what will happen in the future? :)

  2. sbhboi

    Congratz to the new owner. ^^

    I think should make some competition giveaway theme, since this one, err well, kinda easy. ^^” Winner takes all, fair & square. =) I bet some peeps here kinda disappointed (Well, I was, but I easily forget it with my gunplas around me hehe.^^”)
    with the result.

    Anyway, congratz !

    • Zai

      We were thinking of having a competition but we decided not to since the prize is used and defective and we didn’t think it would be fair.
      Just wanted to keep it simple and a bit informal this time! ^^

      If we get a brand new figure to give away though, we will have a contest for sure! I think it’d be a lot of fun! :D

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