Review: Figma SP 012 Black Rock Shooter

Every night for the last couple of weeks, I’d go to sleep wishing for the post man to wake me up in the morning with a parcel for Luth and I. I was hoping it’d arrive early on in the week when I had heaps of free time but unfortunately Black★Rock Shooter arrived from Japan on Thursday so I’ve only just got around to taking a good look at her now and it was.. well, a rather interesting experience full of much joy and almost as much woe but my god, she’s gorgeous!

Please click the photos to see them at their proper size!

figma Black Rock Shooter in the original ver pose kinda

Black★Rock Shooter (B★RS) is a character of slightly confusing origins. She was created by a Japanese illustrator called huke and rose to fame after she inspired a Vocaloid song creater called ryo from a band called supercell to make a song about her using Hatsune Miku (Black Rock Shooter is often thought to be another version of Miku but that is not the case) to sing the lyrics. Her character soon became so popular that she has inspired many figures, fanart and even an OVA. If you’d like to know more, check out her character page at the Vocaloid Wikia or the Black★Rock Shooter Wikia. Below are the videos for both the original BRS video and the anime OVA. A copy of the OVA just so happens to be included with this Figma!

Black★Rock Shooter by Hatsune Miku:

Anime OVA Trailer:

Anyway, back to the Figma. We preordered Max Factory’s Figma Black Rock Shooter back in April from Amiami for 2080 yen which was 20% off her retail price of 2667 yen. We chose the unregistered SAL small packet shipping which came out to be 780 yen so all up she cost us 2860 yen (36 AUD and around 34 USD). She’s about standard Figma price, which is great value considering her quality and extras!

Black Rock Shooter coming out of the light

The very first thing I noticed while opening Black Rock Shooter was her level of detail, it’s fantastic for a figure that’s Figma sized. Her paint work is pretty decent too.. her hair in particular. There are a few overpaints here and there but nothing I’d notice unless looking for it. Articulation is good, the Figma we received has joints that are firm but not stiff except for one but I’ll get to that soon! Most of her extra hands have jointed wrists with the exception of her sword holding hands that allow her to point the sword forward. Her cannon holding hands are great, I was really worried I’d snap them while trying to get her to grip onto the cannon but the fingers are quite soft and flexible.. it takes hardly any effort to get her hands wrapped around the cannon handle. I’ll talk more about the cannon shortly because when I went to repose her after the above photo, this happened..

figma joint broken at the torso

Yeah.. I broke my BRS Figma after only getting two poses out of her. It would have happened eventually anyway, I’m not all that gentle with my Figmas and her chest joint is made from some cheap clear plastic stuff and isn’t like regular joints. She pretty much just fell apart while I was moving one of her legs. I’ve read of other people breaking their BRS Figma at the same joint when trying to remove the protective plastic she comes wrapped in so be sure to pull it out gently (maybe with tweezers if you’re having trouble) and definitely don’t try to take that joint apart because it will probably break. Thankfully, I found a quick fix and was able to go on with my photoshoot!


Yup, good ol’ Blu-Tack! I was going to super glue her but couldn’t find it but I think I might keep using the Blu-Tack now.. it actually increases her poseability by letting me twist her chest around further and she stays together really well! I would still much rather not have a broken Figma though, haha.

Black Rock Shooter enjoys being repaired

All fixed! I love the shininess of her jacket and boots. I was actually worried that I’d leave fingerprints all over them but nope, it’s not an issue at all. I think dust will be a bigger issue. I dusted her before taking photos but a lot was still showing up in some of my photos. But dust aside, she’s very photogenic.. I’d say apart from VN02 Miku, she just may be the most photogenic figure we currently own!

The Rock Cannon aiming at you!

Her Rock Cannon is bloody huuuge, taller than the Black Rock Shooter Figma herself. You can see in the above photo that it comes with it’s very own Figma stand which has a special claw that clips into the top of the stand and grips onto the cannon. The cannon can be a little unwieldy due to the sheer size of the thing and might take a little time to get posed properly. Although it’s not particulary heavy, it’s just so big that it initially made the stand collapse until we tightened one of the screws in the stand!

Looking at the figma joint in the hair

The joints on her twintails are nice and solid with a good range of movement. They’re nice and easy to move up and down and they also rotate.

The figma joints on Black Rock Shooter's jacket

Her jacket also has two joints at her backside and like her twintails, move up and down and also rotate. I was surprised at the amount of poseability I could get from both of these things.. good strong joints too. The peghole for the included stand is a little lower than my other Figma pegholes, right there on her backside!

Black Rock Shooter's hip joint is off

Unfortunately, Black Rock Shooter came to us with a couple more defects than just a weak chest joint. Her hip pops out on one side side (see above photo) and is hard to shift back down into it’s proper position when it does that. A couple of her hands are also reeeally loose and will fall out by themselves sometimes but we plan to fix that with a coat or two of clear nail polish.

The box for figma Black Rock Shooter

Her box is larger than standard due to her accessories and the opening flap on the top is also different than the standard, it has a little tab in the center to easily open and close it again with little risk of damaging the box. If you’re new to the Figma line, there are a variety of photos of BRS doing different poses on the back if you need any ideas! I use them often since I’m not all that great at posing.

the Black Rock Shooter OVA DVD is included

Black Rock Shooter is an SP Figma and you usually get something like a game or DVD with a SP so it was pretty much expected for Max Factory to include the DVD for the recently released Black Rock Shooter OVA. It is, of course, in Japanese but has subtitles for 7 different languages including English. It’s also region free so it will play on any DVD player, no matter where you live! I personally really enjoyed the OVA so if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend you check it out.. if only to see huke’s amazing character designs in action.

Black Rock Shooter comes with many accessories

Black Rock Shooter and all of her accessories! She comes with 3 different faces (one neutral, one yelling and one with closed eyes), two fringes/bangs (one with eye flame attached), 10 hands, 2 chains, 2 standard Figma stands (one for cannon support), 1 claw attachment for stand, one Black Blade, one Rock Cannon and 1 di:stage cover (not shown in photo).

Despite the flaws, I love her. I’m still looking at her and thinking wow, I can’t believe that’s a Figma! She’s so gorgeous and I think she may have stolen Rider’s place as my favourite Figma to date. I think she’d make a welcome addition to anyone’s collection even if they’re not a BRS fan and a great start to anyone new to the Figma line. If you do plan to purchase her, keep in mind that there are bootleg versions of this figure so only buy from trusted sources and stay away from ebay unless you know how to spot a bootleg. At the time of writing, she’s still in stock at Amiami for 2080 yen and Hobby Search for 2266 yen.. both of which I highly recommend!

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Chag

    Ouch, the waist joint is a real shocker! Have you considered replacing that joint with another joint from a cheap figma? You can probably use a pin vise to remove the remnant of the broken joint — of course, this is under the assumption that BRS’s waist joint’s shape is not unique.

    • Zai

      Yeah, I almost felt like crying after seeing half of the Figma in my hands and the other on the ground!
      Thanks for the advice but I don’t think I can replace it, the part that’s broken looks like it’s just a small shaft that swivels very slightly and connects to the bottom half of the body. I’m not sure if I could remove the broken shaft without damaging the figure further. I will definitely try out the method you suggested if I have any more Figma breakages in the future but hopefully I won’t have to, hehe.

      Thanks for stopping by again! :D

    • Ruby

      the same thing happened to me when i tried taking the plastic off so i never got to pose her. But were would you get replacement joints or that blue stuff you used to hold it together because im not that handy when it comes to fixing things.>.<

    • Kat

      yeah i cried a lil bit from th ova its sooo sad T_T an brs is my VERY first figma… an wat dies figma mean anyway? im a russian so i dont know a lot bout them :T

    • Kat

      ok so my BRS’s left part of the jackepert snapped off an i cant put it back on i tried super glue but it wont work T_T wat do i do?!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv my BRS figma T_T an it snapped off on th second day after i got her T_T plz tell me wat to do ASAP!!! i luv my BRS figma! i paid with my own money an she cost like close to 100 dollars! i only got 55 dollars left an i cant earn money fast enough to replace her… i dont efven wanna replace her T_T !!!!! plzz tell me wat to do ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

    • Zai

      Whoa, $100 is a lot for a Figma!

      Did you break her jacket from the joint? Replacement joints for Figma are hard to come by so I don’t really have any suggestions apart from perhaps contacting the retailer you purchased her from about a replacement.. although the chances of them providing one are probably pretty slim.

      There are newer versions of this character available that you could probably pick up cheaper than this original version. The TV animation version is up for preorder:
      The game version of BRS has been released and looks pretty cool too, I think she actually looks the best of all the BRS figma:

      Good luck and sorry to hear that you broke her.

  2. Fabienne

    I would have been really angry if the figure breaks into two halfs during a shooting

    personally I think this Brs stuff is a bit overhyped,
    but I like the Artworks, too =)
    even the OVA surprised me in a positive way
    I expected a dumb action ova with a lot of anime clichee
    but I saw a very nicely made 50 minute ova about friendship with an very
    appealing animation art.

    Your pictures of the brs figma are really nice in brs3.jpg and brs5.jpg
    she looksc very good, the posing is also very well done.
    the twintail joints are a cool feature.

    good luck with repairing her :)

    • Zai

      I was more angry at myself for not being more careful with her but I guess if I didn’t break her during the shoot then I would have later on..

      It really is very overhyped! I just love the character design of BRS and related characters so much.. and they look so great in figure form that I can’t resist!

      Thank you for the compliments, I would like to retake some of the photos when I have the time though. Some of the poses are a little off. ^^;

      Thanks for stopping by! :D

  3. fahmikan

    thank you for the review! :)
    I’ll be careful taking care of her :D

    I’m still waiting for her shipment next week,
    the shipment has been delayed for about 2 weeks because of ramadhan in Indonesia :(

    and good luck with repairing her :D

    • Zai

      Hi Fahmikan, thanks for visiting. :D
      I feel like I had to wait a long time for her too since she was delayed by a month and her shipping seemed to take a long time. I get so impatient, hehe. She’s worth it though, so pretty.

      Thank you and I hope you have better luck with your BRS than I did with this one!

  4. Laura

    We just unwrapped our figma BRS and snapped her waist joint trying to get the plastic wrappings off her. We felt pretty terrible about it, we hadn’t even unpackaged her chains!

    I hope that Max Factory addresses this issue :(

    • Zai

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that.. at least mine lasted longer than that. :(
      It looks like it’s turning out to be a pretty big issue.. makes me wonder if Max Factory even has any kind of quality control!
      It’s a shame, she’s such a lovely Figma otherwise!

    • Zai

      Thanks for visiting!

      I admire your ability to withhold! I think the longest I’ve been able hold myself back from opening a figure is a couple of hours after receiving it.
      Yeah.. I’m pretty bad. D:

  5. sbhboi

    Oh god, I thought I’m the only 1 that broke the BRS figma on the 1st week…=.=”

    Coincidence enough, I broke the same spot as you as well, only thing is that I tried superglue it, which hold at least for few days after a series of dynamic pose that I try to pose with..

    & now, on today night, when I’m taking out the figma out from the seal wrapper, a slightly pull from the leg, pops ! “Disconnect” again. Ugh… I think, a drill onto both broken pieces, a brass pin, & epoxy putty should fix ‘em tight enough…

    It does hurt when ya receive it, tearing the plastic out, start posing then the upper body fell onto the table..sheez.

    • Zai

      Hah yeah.. I broke her so quickly! Here’s hoping Max Factory will fix issues like this in future releases!

      I was going to try out superglue too since we used it on another Figma and it worked really well but am still using the Blu-Tack.
      I actually like being able to take her lower half back off because of the problem with her hip joint.. it makes it easier for me to push it back into place.

    • sbhboi

      Well, weird enough, I used a multi grip superglue, which I happen to get on some local department store, which indicates that it could glue anything, even PVC…

      So I give a try, it worked but idk for long though…better ready up some small drill bit & brass pin to joint it again.

  6. Zai

    sbhboi :

    Well, weird enough, I used a multi grip superglue, which I happen to get on some local department store, which indicates that it could glue anything, even PVC…

    So I give a try, it worked but idk for long though…better ready up some small drill bit & brass pin to joint it again.

    Wow, we use some really cheap brand from the supermarket. I don’t think it would hold long on the BRS Figma though..
    Good luck if you decide to try to fix up that joint with the brass pin! I’d love to know how it goes if you do decide to do that. :D
    Gah.. we shouldn’t even have to worry about this kinda stuff, lol.

  7. Darkness

    I think that this piece of plastic is near the waste and hard to get, if I’m right, that piece can actually come off easily if you pop off the two cape joints. Its has two holes in it where the cape joint pegs go through and hold it there. If that piece is what probably caused the problem then maybe it would of helped if any of you knew this before problems occurred. Anyways I’m getting one soon and I’m glad I watched and all of these reviews to avoid certain problems. Sorry to hear about all those BRS figures. It makes me hope I don’t run into it, cuz I got a figure before and he broke in several places. Thanks to Mighty Mendit however, most of him is back together

    • Zai

      I didn’t have any trouble getting that piece of plastic off her but I’d read of other people having issues with it too so I was particularly careful when removing it anyway. The breakage of my BRS actually happened after I posed her a couple of times then she just snapped! It’s good to know that her cape joints can be taken off though.
      I hope you have much better luck than some of us have had with her! She’s lovely to look at and so fun to pose that it really sucks to have such an issue dragging her down.
      Thanks for visiting! :D

  8. Miku Hanato

    Really? I just noticed its so fragile! And Im really lucky. I bought BRS figma 2 days ago, and I pulled that plastic (covering her torso) reaaaaally hard and nothing happened. PHEW! =A=

    Well, I was a bit sad because her long ponytail was so sharp and it cracked a little bit. I really wanna cry, I bought BRS for 423 ribu rupiah (Indonesia). Damn.. Figma’s are fragile.

    Nice review though, I love it ^__^

    I’ll be waiting for your next review for figma.. Jya na~!

    • Zai

      I’m glad that you never had any problems with her!
      I feel your pain regarding her long ponytail too.. I bent the tip of it while posing her.. you can probably see it in my review photos! -_-

      Yeah, they sure are fragile.. more fragile than a typical action figure anyway! I always worry about breaking them when I do the first few poses.

      Thanks and I’m happy that you enjoyed my review! I have a lot of fun doing them! ^^

    • Zai

      No worries, I have lots of fun doing them. :D

      And thank you very much! Photography is a new thing for me so your comment is really encouraging! It helps that Black Rock Shooter is incredibly photogenic too, hehe.

    • Zai

      If your BRS just has dirt on it, it should be easy to just wash it off with some water and gentle scrubbing. I’ve heard of people using mild cleaning products on their figures to clean them but haven’t tried this myself so I’m a bit cautious to suggest that!

      My BRS now has a small black stain on her inner thigh that I think rubbed off her shorts and sadly.. I can’t get the stain off. Figma seem to stain really easily! I’m not a long time Figma collector so I’m still discovering things like this myself, hehe.

      As for general cleaning and upkeep, I dust them with a cosmetic brush with fine bristles. :)

  9. scizo

    i just bought mine today on a animecon in Belgium along with the nendoroid version. im about to set them up tommorow both in same pose (with cannon). good thing i am reading this review so i will be really carefull with it. im getting scared though. its my very first figma ever. couldnt resist the cuteness

    • Zai

      Congrats on your first Figma purchase! I think she’ll make an awesome first Figma as in my opinion, she’s one of the best! We have recently just ordered the nendoroid version ourselves and she’ll be the first nendo we get so it’ll be interesting what she’s like in nendo form!
      I hope my review didn’t frighten you too much! Figma in general are pretty durable as long as you remember not to force them into poses that the joints don’t allow for. :D

  10. Zai

    scizo :

    i finally finished my figma pose. im afraid of twisting her body & head so its not perfect. btw how did you do the chain like that?

    heres a pic of brs nend & figma aiming at bootlegged konata i obtained at the animecon

    i have trouble getting the figma up higher and letting her aim lower though.

    Her neck joint seems pretty solid so I wouldn’t worry too much if you wanna twist her hand around.
    With the chain, do you mean where I have it hanging up behind her? I just taped it to lamps I was using for the photoshoot.. not really great looking for other display purposes though, lol.

    Hehe, I almost feel sorry for that bootleg Konata! I didn’t realise the Nendo black rock cannon was so small!
    The cannon is hard to pose, yeah. ):
    Really cute posing though and I love the idea!

  11. scizo

    thx i kinda wanna give the nend the giant cannon but its a different hand, u got to disassemble the cannon a bit, when im in the mood i will made them both sit on their cannon

    • Zai

      I just got my nendo BRS today and the first pose I put her in was her sitting on her cannon, she’s so cute! I haven’t attempted to get figma BRS to sit on her cannon but that’d be a pretty awesome pose if you can get it to work! :D

  12. sss after life

    (Unfortunately, Black Rock Shooter came to us with a couple more defects than just a weak chest joint. Her hip pops out on one side side (see above photo) and is hard to shift back down into it’s proper position when it does that. A couple of her hands are also reeeally loose and will fall out by themselves sometimes but we plan to fix that with a coat or two of clear nail polish) my figma BRS just come and I have same problem T_T ,can you tell how to fix it please :D

    • Zai

      Which problem do you have? For the hip problem, I just push on it with a fair amount of force and it’ll pop back into position eventually. It’s particulary annoying because I have to do it every time I pose her and I haven’t found a permanent fix. D:

      For the loose hands, I remember reading somewhere that a few coats of clear nail polish on the peg of the hand will help it fit more snugly into the peg hole. ^^

    • Zai

      Your link doesn’t work for me, sorry! If you pushed the back of her jacket right up on its hinges you should be able to get her into various sitting poses though.

    • Zai

      Seconding what sbhboi said, just remember to be particularly gentle around her chest joint when you’re tearing. No need to take a figma apart when removing the plastic. :D

      If a little bit of plastic gets stuck while you’re tearing it out, you could try using some tweezers to grab it.

    • Zai

      Hrmm.. just out of what we own.. Figma Mari, Asuka, Winter Uniform Haruhi (and the other school uniform Figma from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Battle Waitress Mikuru and Izumi Shizuno from se.kirara at least as good as or better than BRS in terms of poseability.

  13. Animexcel

    My BRS figma came in the mail today. Those plastic covers were pretty annoying. Like others said, the plastic at the waist joint was the toughest to get out. Thanks to the tweezers, I was able to get the last bit out. When I looked at BRS from the box, I knew that some of the black paint from the shorts rubbed on her inner thigh too. I took a x acto knife to scrape it off lightly as it faded away. Then I saw a couple tiny paint chips on her shorts; sorta inside the inner joint, I thought it was paint from the belt, but it didn’t look light gray, so I simply used permanent black marker and dabbled on the chipped spots; looks good. After reading this, I’m gonna take extra care of BRS,

    • Zai

      Congrats on your new BRS, I hope you enjoy her as we have enjoyed ours!
      I was lucky enough to not have to pull out the tweezers for BRS but I’ve had to use them on a couple of other Figma, it does get a bit annoying.
      Glad to know you managed to scrap off the black paint on her thighs, mine gets more and more stains on her legs every time I pose her although since she’s already broken I don’t tend to treat her with as much care as I do with my other Figma, lol.

    • JustInn014

      It’s probably a bit late, but I got the stains off mine with a pencil’s eraser. It’s a great figma, as long as you’re careful. The torso doesn’t stick out as much on mine, and doesn’t look bad at all if the legs are angled out a bit. It is a dust magnet, but it isn’t difficult to clean.

  14. D3AD

    This Figma was my first Figma ever and I didn’t realize how nicely figma’s were made. She inspired me to get the Dead Master Figma as well as the BRS game version and WRS, (Yes, I like the BRS franchise). I unboxed mine at my college with one of my friends (purely to make him jealous). I’m glad I was SUPER gentle with mine. I do have the same problem with mine as you do with the waist hanging over the side of her shorts a little bit. After seeing this review and reading the comments I just became super paranoid with my BRS Figma. I’ll have to make sure not to force her chest joint too much because I’d really rather not have her break on me. All in all though, I’m happy with her. I haven’t had any huge problems except for a few lose hand joints.

    • Zai

      Mmm, no photos can actually compare to holding a figma in your own hand, I think! They’re surprisingly detailed for something of such a scale. This BRS figma was my favourite for a long time and also inspired me to get Dead Master, Black Gold Saw and WRS.. and they’re all just as lovely! Glad to hear you havent had any problems with her and I hope it stays that way for you. Most figma require gentle posing but BRS even more so, sounds like you’re treating her well. :D

  15. RoyFokker93

    My BRS is part of my collection at least for 2 years now and it has never break, remember that most of figmas are ladies and they need to be treated gently, knowing that the breaking is an issue I must consider, I will pray that my BRS will not give me any horrible surprises XD

    • Zai

      Yeah, I think she’d be fine if you don’t try to pose her using that chest joint. Max Factory seem to have corrected what they did wrong with this BRS since I’ve not had any more breakages with similar joints in their newer Figma. I’m sure your BRS will be fine if she’s lasted as long as she has. :)

  16. TheDarkVicky

    Elle est trop cette figma *3* je vais bientôt la commander merci a vous pour cette artilque . Je suis tomber par hasard sur cette article et cette figma m’a plu pour ma collec’ en plus j’adore Black Rock Shooter !! merci !! :D

  17. Norma

    Howdy! I just wish to offer you a big thumbs up for the great
    info you’ve got here on this post. I will be returning to your site for more soon.

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